Increased strength and healthier joints

One of our main priorities is helping people improve joint function and the strength of those joints. Lack of movement and control of your joints is one of the leading causes of pain, tension, injury and degeneration.

Our clients experience improvements in their overall mobility, develop better stability and stronger joints after working with us.

Increase in range of motion

Joint capsules are made up of fascia and contribute to 47% of a person's ROM. We use fascial stretch therapy to gently create space in your joint capsules and restore ROM. We then incorporate FRC® training to further expand and strengthen those ranges.

We want you to own your mobility; not simply rent it session-to-session!

Mitigate injury

We use training techniques on and off the table to develop better control of your body and your nervous system. This results in increased movement potential and increased resiliency of your tissues to withstand the daily loads you are putting through them. 

Better recovery and reduced stress

Down-regulating your nervous system will enhance your ability to be able to relax and move into a 'rest-and-digest' state.

We look at your current breathing patterns and encourage better use of your principal breathing muscles to open up a deeper quality of breath. This will help you carry less tension overall, improve your quality of sleep, and the function of your immune system.