Both athletes and lifelong movers, it is our passion to help people develop the physical capacity for whatever their lives demand.



Alex Butt

From a young age I’ve always been highly active. Taking part in every sport, activity and competition just seemed to be my way of life. This all stopped when I had a debilitating back injury in 2006. 

I struggled to find a health professional that would support my drive to come back stronger than before I was injured. This motivated me to seek out and learn from the best strength & conditioning coaches and therapists in the world so I could rehabilitate myself to eventually compete in Strongman and later in CrossFit. That journey reinforced my passion for helping others.

This knowledge and experience I bring into my sessions to help others to strengthen their body, maximise their performance and minimise pain and injury risk.


lara williston

I became interested in working in health and fitness after experiencing a big transformation as a result of strength training. For many years I struggled with mental health issues. Using strength training I was able to establish a better connection with my self, and setting small consistent goals helped me achieve the little successes I needed to keep me focused. 

Special interests include working with people dealing with persistent pain, joint issues, and mental health. As someone who is hypermobile, I really enjoy helping others who experience issues due to their hypermobility. Developing the strength and control of your joints can do wonders for us bendy folks! 

When I am not working one-on-one with clients I am working with DTS Fitness Education, training other fitness professionals how to use fascial stretch therapy and fascial mobility training with their own clients.